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The WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance, WACA, is one of the oldest and most active WikiLeaks support groups in Australia. We run campaigns, events, produce independent media, innovate direct action activism, develop networks across the legal, media, arts and political fields; operate this website, Twitter and Facebook accounts and much more.

WACA was formed from our profound response to the Australian Government’s hostility towards Wikileaks and our government’s complicity in the United States of America’s continued agenda to criminalise Julian Assange and the work of WikiLeaks.

Our objectives:

1. To campaign to defend Julian Assange’s rights and liberty.

2. To campaign to ensure Julian Assange is not ‘handed-over’ as a political prisoner to the United States of America or to any other country where he may face onward extradition to the USA.

3. To protect Wikileaks capacity to operate and its platform for protecting the rights of whistleblowers.

4. To defend the work of Wikileaks by insisting Governments around the world investigate the crimes revealed by Wikileaks and that they pursue prosecutions against those found to have committed crimes.

5. To defend the fundamental tenants of democracy, which we believe, include the right to privacy (no government surveillance), free speech, free assembly, free press and a free internet.

About WACA

As Wikileaks and Julian Assange originated in Australia we feel we share a singular and pivotal responsibility as the only citizenry who can directly demand that our government act to protect Julian Assange’s civil rights and human rights.
These terms are increasingly used to curb ordinary citizens rights across western democracies and are an attempt to destroy the potential of WikiLeaks and future organizations like them from freely operating.
We also believe we have a responsibility to future generations of Australian’s (and to the extent we are able to have influence – for all other peoples) to ensure our human rights and civil liberties are not further eroded by legislators under the guise of ‘terrorism’, ‘national security’ or ‘cyber security’.

We believe Julian Assange, and the work of Wikileaks must be defended because they offer an effective way to shine a much-needed light on governments of the world and expose the secret crimes and collusion of the rich and powerful.

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We are uncompromising advocates of our right to privacy as private citizens and will never share your data.