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Santa demands Military stop messing with his delivery of peace and goodwill

2 December 2013

Breaking news: Santa Claus will demand entry to the Victoria Barracks on St. Kilda Road this morning (Tuesday 3rd December 10.15am) and ask for the Australian military to help him drop presents instead of helping the US drop bombs from drones. Mr Claus and some helpers will attempt to deliver his message personally to military […]

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Resignations from The WikiLeaks Party: Statements

21 August 2013
WACA members, candidate, volunteers resign from The WikiLeaks Party

“It is time to take up the arms of our new world, to fight for our- selves and for those we love. Our task is to secure self-determination where we can, to hold back the coming dystopia where we cannot, and if all else fails, to accelerate its self-destruction.” (Julian Assange, London, October 2012)
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US Iraq War veteran speaks out before Australian tour

25 June 2013
An interview with Vince Emanuele.

“We became heartless murderers and bandits. I watched as many of my fellow Marines robbed, beat and killed innocent Iraqis.”

Vince is a US Iraq War veteran who will be touring Australia in July.
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